Hexiwear, a wearable development kit created for inventive guys to develop their own smartwatch, remote sensor tag or a smartphone controller, reached its goal of $20.000 on Kickstarter is just couple of days and now is ready to go further. 

The device is built by Belgrade based MikroElektronika who is a renowned producer of a wide range of development tools and compilers for various microcontroller families.

A small and sleek low-power device, packed with sensors and several preloaded apps to give developers a beginning and start building everything, depending only on their imagination is a perfect description about Hexiwear. So, if you are makers, start-ups, students, and R&D engineers this is a nice device to try and test your future products, ideas or even develop new technologies through this “Internet of Things platform”, as authors say.

Hexiwear is a basis for your inventions, compact with an 1.1″ full color OLED display and capacitative touch interface, uses low power thanks to 190 mAh Li-Po battery and Kinetis K64 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M4 MCU offered through a partnership by NXP Semiconductors, connectivity assured by a Bluetooth connection, compatibility with iOS/Android devices and gets directly to the cloud. Wearable, this is another key features of this product which creates a geeky look to even a non-technical person and it will be more alike to show-off it to friends or acquitances.

As development kit, it doesn’t mean only a device because it comes with expandability and open source technology. Hexiwear’s core functionality  can be enhanced with hundreds of sensors and transceivers through click™ boards. Kinetis Design Studio source files and complete hardware layouts and schematics available to everyone.

Now look at this, and if you want to keep experimenting, explore the universe, imagine new things and come with never predicted inventions, you will like the Hexiwear Docking Station, which enhance Hexiwear’s core functionality with hundreds of additional sensors, actuators and transceivers of all kinds.

hexiwear boardsThe most important thing is that engineers can use it to create their own weather station, which reports data in real time, pedometer, to track daily activities, motion capture, to track movements of other devices or objects and anything inventive engineers can imagine.