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The pet tech industry in Europe is going through a transformation driven by tech advancements and changing societal trends. The younger generations, mainly Millenials and Gen Z, are increasingly choosing to become “pet parents” instead of adopting traditional roles. Hence, pet care solutions are on the rise. The shift is reflected in the rise of startups. 

As the European pet tech industry continues to boom, new innovative startups emerge to address various aspects of pet care, from insurance to telemedicine. One of the key areas of innovation in the sector is pet health monitoring. Nutrition and personalized approach to pet nutrition is another key focus for pet tech startups. 

According to a Fortune Business Insights report, increasing awareness about pet’s physical and mental health is anticipated to drive the growth in the pet tech market. Other factors contributing to the boom in the pet tech sector is increased demand for remote tracking and monitoring of pets. 

The European pet tech market is also witnessing significant investment and growth.Here are five European pet tech innovators to watch in 2024- 

Dosty – Baku, Azerbaijan

Dosty is the virtual assistant helping pet owners raise healthy, happy pets by providing them with all the tools they need in one convenient app. For loving pet parents, it can be hard to know when symptoms require a vet visit or when they can be managed at home, saving on unnecessary bills. To help support them, Dosty’s all-in-one app features a symptom checker with comprehensive coverage of the 60 most common symptoms related to more than 600 causes. By entering symptoms, pet owners are instantly provided with expert insights and personalized, data-driven recommendations based on the unique profile and needs of the individual pet.

Additionally, the Dotsy app provides tools to help pet owners manage daily routines, track health and lifestyle changes, and offer resources and advice on pet health and behavior. Soon, they will be launching a chat function that will automatically surface helpful content like reminders about medications and advice to keep pets safe in extreme weather conditions. There is also a library of resources regarding training, diet, aging, recipes, and more. 

Just four months on the market, Dosty is eager to partner with other pet care providers to ensure all pet parents are able to give their pets the support they need to thrive.

Barkibu – Spain 

Spain’s Barkibu uses artificial intelligence (AI) to provide a comprehensive telehealth solution for pets. Established in 2015, Barkibu has managed to create a network of 15,000 veterinarians. The USP of the company is offering online consultations to pet parents around the world. The company’s app gained popularity for offering a symptom checker, remote access to licensed veterinarians via text, phone, or video calls, and various subscription plans that include disease prevention and pet insurance.

Barkibu’s most unique idea is that of a “Whatsapp Vet” called Bai. “Bai helps you with your questions about health, behavior, training, medicines, and more,” the website says. 

With the AI platform for preventing pet illnesses, Barkibu’s mission is to create a reliable library of pet health data, which is used to provide personalized support and optimize insurance pricing. 

The company was in news for recently raising $5.6 million to expand its services internationally, aiming to become the “Apple Health of pet care” by integrating clinical and insurance data to improve pet health outcomes.

Omni – UK 

Recently, Leap Venture Studio’s eighth cohort program in London welcomed four European pet tech companies. Omni was one of the four chosen companies. 

Founded in 2021, Omni uses plant-based and novel protein sources such as pulses, plants, yeasts, and algae. The UK-based company focuses on providing sustainable and healthy food options for dogs, addressing common health issues such as obesity and cancer. 

The Omni co-founders believe that dogs are nutritional omnivores and that they thrive on non-meat diets, but cats are considered obligate carnivores. According to the co-founders, “lab grown meat is the ideal solution to providing certain nutrients -found in animal tissues – in a more health focused and sustainable fashion.”

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Omni has seen significant growth, achieving more than £2 million in sales and expanding its product portfolio to include nutritionally complete kibble, wet-food cans, and supplements. 

Napo – UK

Napo, a UK-based pet insurance startup, is popular for offering comprehensive coverage that even includes pet dental care. Napo offers 24/7 online video consultations with vets and a third party liability cover. 

According to the company, “the costs of a pet over its lifetime can stack up,” ranging between £7,500-£11,800. The platform is gaining popularity for allowing pet owners to get policy quotes in minutes and offers a low excess fee, making it easier for pet parents to manage unexpected veterinary costs. 

Founded in 2021, Napo has quickly gained traction, raising £15 million in a Series A funding round.Napo’s mission is to prevent vet bills by providing access to top-notch pet care services, ensuring pets stay healthy and happy.

LampoVet – Italy 

Known for providing telemedicine services intended to provide veterinary support for chronic diseases in cats and dogs, Italy’s LampoVet offers microbiome analysis and personalized nutrition support, dermatology, and gastroenterology. 

Calling itself a “supertool,” Lampovet aims to work alongside the veterinarians, instead of replacing them.The company is gaining popularity for providing comfort of their own homes to pets and pet owners, enabling owners to improve their pet’s health and quality of life. “We break down the barriers of distance and guarantee specialized skills throughout Italy,” the company’s website says.   

The startup aims to integrate gut microbiome science into daily veterinary practice, enhancing pet health through personalized nutrition and expert advice.

These five startups are at the forefront of pet tech innovation in Europe, each addressing unique aspects of pet care with cutting-edge technology and a commitment to improving the lives of pets and their owners. Keep an eye on them as they continue to grow and make significant impacts in 2024.