Brainly, Polish startup and the world’s largest social learning community for students, today announced that it has closed a $15M Series B round of funding led by the global internet and entertainment group Naspers. That brings the total funding from current investors including General Catalyst Partners, Point Nine Capital, Runa Capital and Learn Capital to $27M. The investments is to support Brainly’s growth globally.

Founded in 2009, Brainly began with an idea to make learning and collaboration online easier and more fruitful for pupils and students. Today it’s a platform that empowers students to help one another answer questions around class assignments or discussions, or to simply learn more about a specific subject matter that they’re curious about. Students gain points for answering questions from their fellow students, which they can then cash in for the ability to post more questions of their own. This natural cycle of engagement has resulted in over 26 million answered questions at a rate of 8,000 questions per hour. Brainly has now grown globally to reach over 60 million users in 35 countries—12 languages—throughout US, Europe, South America and Asia, including Russia, Indonesia and Brazil.

“We continue to believe that peer-to-peer learning is the most effective way to increase curiosity, build confidence and engage with other like-minded students around the world. Nobody knows everything, but everybody knows something,” said Brainly CEO Michal Borkowski.

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New investment will be used to boost Brainly’s growth globally and focus on the U.S. market, while adding new technological improvements in machine learning technologies to the current platform, helping to deliver more personalized experience for middle and high school students. Brainly is now based in Krakow, Poland, as well as New York, and may be estimated to be worth $100 million.