Starta Accelerator New York is just one of a growing number of international organisations aiming to support European startups make the leap into U.S tech ecosystems.

Co-founded by Ekaterina Dorozhkina, Starta Ventures and the subsequent accelerator programme that the tech specialists are pioneering are continuing to gather an exciting contingency of CEE-based startup specialists.

With the promise of around $130,000 of funding including $20,000 cash for 7% equity, eastern European startups that join the programme have access to Manhattan office space and a plethora of leading coaches and mentors who bring expertise in strategy, investments and growth.

Naming just some of the benefits that the accelerator programme provides, the wider network of Starta’s community and investors is also accessible to these startups, pointing to essentially limitless opportunities for networking and future development.

We offer a global “big picture” approach, together with expertise from local industry leaders and awareness of local specifics. Our program shows participants how to effectively avoid the pitfalls of expanding to the global market while staying focused on their priorities and company vision. – Starta Accelerator.

Tasked with introducing European startups to best practices and advice on integrating into the fast paced US tech world, as well as the provision of support for cultural differences, the group has already gathered a number of exciting CEE startups that have flourished as a result of accelerator backing.

Among them is FriendlyData, a Belarusian startup that is changing the way the world addresses data by making the process ‘more human’ through a natural-language interface. Through the acceleration programme, the company was able to adjust their approach and heed the advice of the Strata’s mentors, and just a few months ago wasacquired by ServiceNow, a US company recently ranked as number one in Forbes’ Most Innovative Companies ranks.

Another startup, Ukrainian agritech AgriEye, works in an ever-growing technology sector which is focused on improving agriculture and farming growth around the world. This startup specifically makes farm work more efficient through the use of AI and unmanned aerial support. After Ukraine, the project looked to the US and Latin America for growth and were able to streamline and tailor their technology through the help of the accelerator programme, in order to make a system which is more accessible and easier to use for farmers around the globe.

As well as the European channel, the group is also relentlessly working to support the ever-growing Latin American tech scene. A blockchain track has also been designed to support the growth of blockchain companies around the globe, forming part of Starta Venture’s mission to empower the future of tech entrepreneurship through international networks.

As startups address the real need to change and adjust when they look at different markets around the globe, Stara Accelerator is becoming a pioneer in helping European startups succeed internationally.