One of the top Czech technological startups SOCIFI has been invested by members of angel investing network Keiretsu Forum, more specifically by Prague & CEE chapter. Investments should be used primarily to accelerate the acquisition of new customers.

In only two years SOCIFI network has been joined by more than 12.5 million users, has opened thousands of customer accounts and works with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) or corporations as OmantTel, Coach, Greyhound, McDonalds, Subway, EMS Mobile, Haagen Dazs and more. Within its LTE activities SOCIFI cooperates with TATA Communications and a number of 3G / LTE operators. Clients are located in 67 countries around the globe and the Wi-Fi hardware producers themselves actively apply for certification of their devices. Also because of this SOCIFI is compatible with the leaders in field of Wi-Fi technology. These include, for example, Cisco Systems, Cisco Meraki, Xirrus, Aruba, Ruckus, LigoWave, EnGenius, Open-Mesh, Mikrotik, ANTLabs and more. SOCIFI virtually automatically acquire the status of the Technology Partner or Solution Partner across vendors.

„SOCIFI presented to our members at regular screening and also at the Angel Capital Expo Europe in May and his undeniable achievements, the quality of the team and the prospect for the future has convinced them that this is a very interesting opportunity,” comments transaction Petr Lemoch, CEO of Keiretsu Forum Prague CEE. „Collaboration with Keiretsu Forum Prague was since first LinkedIn / Skype contact very swift and it was obvious that in front of us we have a partner that thanks to global network can help enormously. Other personal meetings confirmed it all,“ says Zdeněk Hornych, CEO SOCIFI, Inc.

SOCIFI also recently introduced a new affiliate program that aims to gain new partners, resellers and media agency into network.

„It is good that on the Czech scene arise such new platforms. Syndication of angel investors has great tradition worldwide and I think that thanks to Keiretsu this model will manage to successfully migrate into Central Europe too,“ adds Zdeněk Hornych

Keiretsu, thanks to its international presence, is helping projects to find interesting opportunities in other markets where it operates. Currently, this includes the autumn Angel Capital EXPO in Canada.