N26 is one step closer to its vision of becoming the first truly pan-European mobile bank. The Berlin-based company announced that it’s offering borderless banking in 17 countries, now that they have their own banking licence.  N26 is also newly available in Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, and Slovenia and it has reopened signups for Spain, Italy, Greece, Ireland, and Slovakia.

The N26 bank account has an eight minute account sign up, instant Money transfers, real-time transaction notifications and smart insights. The N26 app, website, video ID verification process and customer service will all be available in French, Spanish, and Italian – in addition to German and English. N26 is Europe’s first mobile bank designed for the needs of smartphone users. Starting in Germany and Austria in January 2015 and following soft launches in France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Slovakia, and Spain in December 2015, N26 has quickly become one of the most successful mobile banks with over 200.000 customers across eight markets. It attributes its rapid success to the mobile-first technology which enables the innovative features that define the company.

N26 had paused new sign ups in the six soft launched markets last spring. With the receipt of its own banking License and N26 Bank now in full operation, international customers can open their accounts right on the N26 banking platform and enjoy banking by design everywhere.

“Our team is excited to bring a different banking experience focused on design and based on the beauty of technology to many more customers all around Europe,” says Valentin Stalf, founder and CEO of N26. “The European reach will give us the scale to disrupt retail banking further and take full advantage of our highly scalable and cost efficient systems we have built over the last years.”

Instead of developing all products in-house, N26 selectively partners with the most innovative FinTechs and financial providers around the world. This approach helps N26 to always offer the best and most innovative products in every dimension of traditional retail banks. N26 is working full speed to expand its offering to include the best savings, investment, credit and insurance products directly in their app. The company is planning innovations like real-time credit and greater security through artificial intelligence. N26’s goal is to serve all Europeans within the next few years.

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