The latest April figures from Crunchbase highlighted that although venture capital funding hasn’t slowed, it hasn’t grown either. At just over $22 billion in April 2024, the amount of capital has been largely flat month over month from last year. 

This suggests we may not be in the deepest midst of the recent funding winter, but spring is yet to arrive. For startups, this means the playing field is still highly competitive.

However, one venture capital studio is on a mission to make entrepreneurship and venture investment more accessible, with an ambitious mission of building 100 new companies in just 5 years.

Nobody Studios is a high-velocity studio with a belief that the fundamentals of business creation and capital distribution are in need of a serious overall if inequalities are to be addressed. 

The ‘nobodies’ creating impactful companies 

Nobody Studios was founded by a handful of executives including Mark McNally, who continues to lead as CEO to this day. 

Concerning the studio’s inclusive mission, McNally commented in an earlier interview that: “the economics of business creation are in desperate need of an overhaul. No longer will it be only a very tiny privileged minority that is invited to this table. Our stakeholders will share the founders’ journey. Anyone can bring their talent, influence, or capital to help us create world-changing companies.” 

CFO Greg Lovett

Helping McNally bring this mission into reality is a collaborative community of technologists and marketers, with:

  • Greg Lovett, Chief Financial Officer
  • Connie Kwan, Chief Product Officer
  • Tiffany Hansen, Chief of Staff & VP of Operations
  • Eyal Shavit, Chief Technology Officer
  • Sejal Thakkar, Chief Culture Officer
  • Kyle Kane, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Barry O’Reilly, Chief Incubation Officer
  • Among other team members

Together, the companies they support have raised over $600M, delivered $7B in exits and created over 40 startups. In addition to making the company creation process more inclusive, Nobody Studios also strives to uncover startups that have the potential to deliver real impact in their chosen industries. 

Growing ideas from seed stage 

At Nobody Studio, the decidedly different approach uses a crowd-infused incubation model to build companies that promise to deliver massive cultural and social impact at a 40% faster rate than usual. 

“We specialize in de-risking seed-stage companies and identifying repeatable, scalable business models. We bring together investors, founders, and creatives to forge companies with real-world value and purpose,” McNally explained. 

Co-Founder and Chief of Staff Tiffany Hanson

To give a few examples, Nobody Studios’ portfolio includes startups like Webdelics, an educational plant medicine platform, and ThoughtForma, an intelligent, no-code platform that supports entrepreneurs and business innovators to create without constraints. 

Meanwhile, Evalify is further supporting the startup community by accelerating investors’ ability to review and analyze pitch decks and proposals, while Ovationz aims to revolutionize mundane online meetings with a range of virtual engagement features. 

Nobody Studios across borders 

Looking into the future, the team at Nobody Studios aims to establish footprints across new regions and countries. During the initial process, the studio will pay close attention to local markets and how cultural trends impact consumer behavior. 

By partnering with local advisors and remaining curious and open to different ways of working, Nobody Studios is looking to help to accelerate the growth of new ideas wherever they emerge.