When you think about it, there are many critical moments in a startup’s life that hinge on one’s ability to present well.

This could be pitching to a new investor during a major funding round, showing a major contract lead just how disruptive the technology in your product is, or encouraging an in-demand developer to join your growing team. 

During the early stages, these tasks usually fall into the laps of the founding team. But being an expert in innovative technology doesn’t always go hand in hand with being a great communicator. 

Prezent, the only AI-powered presentation platform that supercharges presentation productivity, is on a mission to help every professional master the art of professional communication with the launch of Communication Fingerprint 2.0, which comes with a range of features.    

What’s your communication fingerprint? 

With Communication Fingerprint 2.0, every founder can get a deeper understanding of their own personal communication style and become more adept at spotting the communication preferences of others. 

The features of the tool are based on eight ‘fingerprint archetypes’ and their associated strengths and weaknesses. These include Architect, Director, Navigator, Performer, Producer, Scholar, Scientist, and Surgeon. 

These archetypes help founders become more self-aware as communicators and learn how to adjust their style based on the audience they need to present to. For example, a founder who is a natural ‘Scientist’ would lean towards presentations with minimal visuals and objective data presentations. Yet if this founder needs to pitch for funding to a ‘Navigator’, then bold visuals and creative storytelling will win out here. 

With Prezent’s latest tool, founders can not only get under the skin of communication but also lean on the power of it’s AI-driven presentation platform to quickly adjust and refine templates to ensure they resonate with every audience. 

The latest version of Communication Fingerprint can help startups communicate with accuracy and precision during every presentation. New features in version 2.0 include the ability to update existing content into more impactful content, a compliance checker that brand-aligns any slide deck, and a the ability to extract an easy-to-digest Executive Summary from presentations. 

Democratizing business communication 

Prezent is a one-stop shop solution for business communications, providing data-based intelligence to mold hyper-personalized templates, storylines, and branded presentations at a rapid pace, cutting down on presentation creation time by up to 70%. The launch of Communication Fingerprint 2.0 is just one of many tools the platform offers to its users. 

Rajat Mishra, the company’s CEO, understands that business success and communication success are inextricably linked. Prezent is his solution to help every executive become a communication expert, whether they struggle with audience empathy, the nuances of language or conveying ideas clearly.

The company offers an intelligent communication success platform that democratizes great business communication. It also understands the multidisciplinary nature of business communication and lets teams supercharge communication effectiveness while reducing the time needed to create these winning slide decks. 

Accelerate growth with communication 

For founders, communication challenges risk stalling the pace of growth or the ability to hit important milestones.

With Prezent’s AI-powered platform, it’s possible to automate and simplify communication processes to help every startup bring their ideas to life during presentations.