Today I’m happy to announce the launch of MVP Angels, a business angel network that syndicates seed-focused micro-funds for each batch of the MVP Academy acceleration program, declares Bogdan Iordache, the co-founder of HowToWeb Conference and MVP Academy.

The pre-acceleration program already graduated 2 batches of startups and counts a lot of success stories of startups that where accepted in top accelerators in UK and US (Fitter, Lifebox) or went and raised financing rounds (Axo Suits, Qalendra).


According to Ziarul Financiar and, MVP Angels counts 18 angels and includes Philipp Kandal (Telenav), Bogdan Ripa (Interakt/Adobe, Vector Watch), Mălin Iulian Ștefănescu and Lucian Todea (Soft32).

The new syndication network will invest up to 50k euro in exchange for a 10-15% of shares and they plan to do 4 investments this year.

Bogdan also announced the first investment of MVP Angels that will go to Inner Trends, a startup that provides “business intelligence to answer any question about the introduction of new users to your app”.

Update: The HowToWeb team published a full press release on their blog:

MVP Angels: Our next investment could be you!