Recruitment in tech industry takes time and even several meeting with the candidate will, including technical test knowledge, not guarantee the overall satisfaction from the choice. solved that problem by providing the companies with an integrated interviewing web platform with 4 main features: 1. Human resources interview with LIVE audio-video, text messages, private notes, etc. 2. Technical interview with LIVE code mirroring, audio-video, code compiler, tests, etc. 3. Online exams with multiple types of questions, filtering results, etc. 4. Applicant tracking system so the company can track the hiring process

The idea about the problem came when a company found me on LinkedIN and we started to chat there. Then we moved the chat through email, then i had to go to the companies HQ for the HR interview, then a technical interview with their technical team where i had to write code on a piece of PAPER – says Razvan Avram, CEO of SkillView

The product is in Private Beta phase for the past month and we have 10 companies using the platform and they are sending their currently feedback.

SkillView will monetize through selling subscriptions on the platform. This means a company will buy credit or packages to set up interviews, exams , jobs and candidates. Their main competitor is who offering technical interviews like SkillView does. Other indirect competitors are competitors JazzCO, Skype and Google Forms for some features that the startup provides.

However, with targeting their services directly to recruiters, the biggest value proposition is the combination of features needed to hire, ranging from technical interviews, HR interviews, exams, applicant tracking system to the future messaging system, integrated in a single platform

The team based in Timisoara, Romania, is now preparing to look for a seed investment and introduce the product to the market.