Travelling has always been one of humans’ passions. We went from travelling to the next village to travelling to the other side of the world. Now, we are working to start frequent travels to space. That is why Tespack (Arkley VC portfolio company, read about Arkley here) and the Austrian Space Forum (Österreichisches Weltraum Forum) have just announced their collaboration. Austrian Space Forum (ASF) is a network of space professionals and enthusiasts fostering the fascination of space exploration while focusing on Mars research. They are exploring the possibility of human mission to Mars and running simulations in Marocco to understand all aspects of the mission. Whereas Tespack produces solar backpacks, tested its products in the jungle or on the Antarctic, which enable you to collect energy from the sun, store it in power banks and charge your electronics while you are travelling.

You might wonder how those two entities will work together?

The ASF is conducting analog research to understand what are the most important points to prepare for a Martian mission. Certainly, energy generation is one of the most crucial aspects for the success of such a mission and the survival of the astronauts. Whereas, Tespack has proven that their backpacks do survive extreme weather conditions, on earth. Now, the time has come to expand further.

That is why the ASF and Tespack will be working together on improving the solar backpacks to be able to withstand the extreme conditions on Mars. This collaboration will focus on developing Tespack’s solar backpacks to optimize energy generation and IoT applications for Mars. On top of creating solar panels that function in the -140° C winter temperatures on Mars, this partnership will focus on implementing IoT and connectivity applications in the backpacks for astronauts.

Both Tespack and ASF are ready to work together to create products that meet the needs of people who will travel to other planets. Even though you might not have thought about it this way but space exploration is a strong trends that will foster creation of more consumer products to be used in missions and space travels. As a significant number of companies, such as Virgin Galactic or SpaceX, have started programs aimed at making space travels commercially available, a huge consumer product market is opening. It will require companies to get much more creative and offer solutions that will survive space travels alongside humans. Exciting new opportunities are opening. Grab them when you can, as Tespack did.

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