XYZ invited you to his/her page. Name says nothing, profile & cover pics are the only content. ‘About’ section empty. Some people click ‘like’ – maybe because they like you but I am not sure if they care about what are you doing. The majority nevertheless will not click ‘like’ for various reasons.

1. Wrong targeting of friends invites

Friends are the first audience to most of early-stage Facebook pages, and that’s fine. The problem is that sometimes administrators invite all their friends thinking that the more, the better. Here, however, the quality of this first audience matters more that anything. You want your first followers to be active and engage with your content to spread the news along own networks and to do that they just need to be interested in your content.

2. Lack of information in ‘about’ section

This is one of the most common mistakes admins do – not filling about section. Early followers want to know what they follow. I know it is obvious for you that logo with some teeth means dental services and everyone should be interested in it. But it is cool to say in which city, what is the website url, opening hours or how to schedule a visit. Lack of basic information about your business means you do not care about informing people what you actually do, so why should they care to follow your brand?

3. Meaningless or lack of content

Most of your potential early followers will scroll through the timeline before deciding to follow. The worst thing that may happen to them is finding no content except profile pic and cover photo. But finding poor quality content, which you put there just to have “something” isn’t a solution. First impression matters and you probably don’t want your potential clients to think that you have no idea what are you doing online.

4. Poor quality of pictures

It is really easy to find what are the current sizes of pictures you can post on Facebook. Most common mistake is using a logo as a profile picture which is cropped in a wrong way – too small pic will be extended and the quality will dramatically decrease. Visual branding is one of the most important ingredients of successful social media marketing. You probably don’t want to loose your potential early followers because you did not pay enough attention to just making your wall look nice.

5. Waiting too long for followers to come

The dynamics of social media is simple – engaging content gets attention. We may safely assume that your brand’s content is usually not engaging enough to go viral and bring thousands of followers to your page in first days. Even if you think that your content is the best on Internet, it probably is not and just waiting for a huge wave of Facebook fans will bring absolutely no result. Additionally, it will look really bad after few weeks or months that the brand did not manage to get more attention than 400 followers who are obviously friends and family of you and your team members. Advice? Do not hesitate to pay for Facebook adds and promote our page to right target group.

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Facebook may serve as a successful sales channel but most likely it will just be one of the most effective tools for building online image of your early stage brand. It is often undervalued but trust me, potential clients and investors will be way more willing to speak with you if there is at least 3 digit number of people following your brand on Facebook.