Learn about the future of reactive programming with the elite of ReactJS developers.

ReactJS, the open­source JavaScript library created by Facebook, Instagram, and others for simplifying UI development, has gained a lot of much popularity.

reactive2015_logoWhile the past events were held in Western Europe and America, the next major one ­ Reactive 2015 ­ is coming up on November 2­-4 in Bratislava, Slovakia. It might be the first time for the region ­ but there’s a reason things are changing for the city of Bratislava, from a business perspective. Home to Sygic and Eset, over the past few years it has become the CEE capital to be, when you’re a tech startup. It offers many places that help young companies grow and educate their employees and big companies like Facebook and Google often look for new talent there. It has also been dubbed “Partyslava” for its vibrant nightlife ­ and the Reactive team will make sure the city lives up to its name.

Out of the three days of Reactive, one will be dedicated to workshops by skilled React specialists and the other two will bring 25 speakers from all over the world, including employees of companies like Twitter, Netflix, and Mozilla but also individuals who contribute to Github repositories and start their own React spin­offs;

Helsinki ­based Andre Staltz will discuss Cycle.js, his own take on reactive programming, and Utahn Julia Gao will speak about how to make front­end development more functional. Reactive is also working on an after party and guest dinners where everyone will get to network with exciting international professionals and the local developer scene.

The conference offers reduced ­price team tickets for up to 3 people. You can follow the conference @ReactiveConf and the news from everyone are gathered under hashtag #GoReactive.aa