Earlier this week we took part in Digital Disruption Forum in Kyiv, Ukraine, an event where global and regional specialists in digital communications shared their experiences and helped participants learn about the changing landscape of the industry.

The event was organized by the Digital Communication Network, an international association connecting professionals of the digital age from a variety of backgrounds, in order to generate ideas, tools, and products for media outlets, civil society organizations, businesses, and public authorities. The organization previously organized events all over the CEE region such as RockIT conference in Chisinau and Warsaw, Empowering Ideas Forum in Yerevan as well as digital communications forums in Vilnius and Tallin.

The Digital Disruption Forum in Kiev gathered experts from three continents to discuss topics such as media looking for story exposure, civil society seeking issue visibility, startups and innovators changing the digital communication landscape and  governments and policy looking for better ways to communicate. Specialists also held workshops for the almost 200 participants, looking to learn how to better communicate using digital tools.

Perhaps the most important outcome of this event was the fact that specialists from all over the CEE region got together to exchange ideas and best practices and also had the possibility to connect and learn from global professionals that are changing the status quo of the industry. If you are an innovator or communication specialist in the CEE region, you should stay tuned to the next events organized by the Digital Communication Network association.