Mobile Weekend Budapest is a conference and developer challenge event that is meant to be a bridge between local and international developers, experts and investors.

The developer challenge at Mobil Weekend Budapest 2016 is an event dedicated to  developers and idea owners of all levels of experience to put their skills and ideas to the ultimate test in an IoT device and application development contest. It will require teams to develop a mobile app and an IoT device. Everyone familiar with the world of IT knows that the future is all about IoT devices. With the belief that smart machines can offer humanity a helping hand and make life more comfortable and hopefully won’t try and take over the planet, the organizers are inviting developers to be part of this exciting vision of the future by joining a team and help develop one of the winning IoT ideas.

And it’s not just for developers. Anyone who knows even a little bit about UX/UI design, Marketing, Mobile development, IoT development can join by  filling in this form and apply by 5 September. Participants can even recruit a whole team if they want. This may be an opportunity to take the next step professionally, get to know the top tech trends of the future, build connections, learn new skills or launch a new business.

Besides the fact that this is a great challenge and a way to spend the weekend with a bunch of amazing people, the winning team gets an investment of 1.000.000 HUF (about 3200 Euro)  to implement the idea. The teams will receive help from mentors throughout the 3 days challenge and beyond and can also participate in workshops and talks, learning a lot from each other as well as from supporting experts.