Pipeline Summit is the first of it’s kind event for Business Development and Sales professionals in Poland. The event will be held in highly prestigious location- the Conference and Business Centre of the Stadion Energa Gdańsk with a view of the pitch and modern room equipment that will ensure unique atmosphere.

The organizers promise to give participants the real life processes how to optimise every stage of the sales process, from Lead Generation, to Conversion, and Retention.

They claim to do that by replacing theory with real examples of sales conversion techniques and tactics, helping attendees learn from the most industry-relevant, sales focused experts from across the globe how to grow your revenue faster. It is the best chance to identify new contacts and network and find out about opportunities for your business.

The main topics of the conference will be:

-Building A Repeatable Sales Process In A Global B2B Service Business

-How To Plug The Leaks In Your Pipeline And Increase Conversion

-How Social Media Made Sales Cool

-Lead Generation In Marketplaces, From The Guy Who Built One

Like many of you, I was attending lots of events trying to optimize my sales funnel, and I left with ideas like ‘Be a story teller’ or ‘Be a farmer, not a hunter’. Vague strategies I had no idea how to implement. I founded Pipeline Summit, to be the event that gives you the real life processes how to optimize every stage of the sales process, from Lead Generation, to Conversion, and Retention.

Each expert has to provide real examples of how to implement the strategies they recommend. Even each presentation will end with ‘3 things you can implement tomorrow’.My aim for every attendee is simple. To leave the event with knowledge how to improve your conversion even 0.5% starting the very next day. For most of us that increase can make all the difference.” – said Mick Griffin– Founder PipeLine Summit for 150sec.com

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Participants will be able to focus on top-notch content and learn practical solutions from experts from across the globe but also build connections at the After Party where the more relaxed atmosphere facilitates the strengthening of newly established contacts.

We are a partner of the Pipeline Summit and our newsletter subscribers can get a 10% discount on all tickets.

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