In a hectic world or hundreds of tasks and thousands of ideas, not to mention shopping lists of items we need to buy every day, we’re in a need for way to help us be organized and get things done.

Ukrainian app Notibuyer has released the tension of the overloaded mind of a busy-busy human. The app lets you record a voice memo transcribing it into text on the go. With many tasks coming up, one can rearrange the notes by dragging to let the most important ones go to the top.

The company provides an efficient tool for taking quick notes and ideas, assigning tasks to family members, friends and co-workers on the go with voice memos, texts and pictures. And sharing is one of the most interesting features of the app since you can create family, friends or some project circles and decide to have copied multiple notes in to-do list to the circles of friends, family or co-workers.

The creation of the Notibuyer application derives from personal need that solved the problem of remembering things and assigning tasks to family members and co-workers. I started working on Notibuyer as a quick to launch and simple to use tool because of my personal problem as a busy entrepreneur forgetting things, multiple tasks and important ideas along with items my wife asked me to buy. I couldn’t find the right application that would satisfy me and gave me the needed functionality and simplicity of use – said Eugene Lukyanov, the founder of Notibuyer.

Basically, even a child easily would be able to add items needed to buy in a family circle, for example. Elderly people or sight impaired users would find the voice memo feature very helpful. So the product covers all layers of society in the 5-99 years old range group.

Notibuyer has just been launched and has several thousands downloads and hundreds of active users at the moment. The market is very crowded with companies like Google Keep, Evernote, Wunderlist, and many more. However, the founder thinks that because this app is simple and quick to use without any overloaded functionality, the users will get hooked.

And since it has the voice memo saved as an audio file not just transcribed as text, it makes it a have unique value proposition, especially for a user while driving or doing other errands.

The free version of Notibuyer comes with an advertising banner at the bottom of the screen. However, you can always upgrade to the Premium version by doing an in-app purchase and choosing to remove the banner ads and get more functionality in addition.

So far, the company has bootstrapped, since the founder allocated all the necessary funds to develop the product. The team is based in Ukraine, same as headquarter at the moment and since there’s a significant affordable high quality local technical talent it makes it easier for the project to be bootstrapped. However, the founder is thinking about raising money when they will need to scale the product.

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